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Burton Snowboard Boots

Skiing is an enjoyable sport. With the heavy gear that you have to own, it is expected that you should buy a profitable snowboard boot. You need a boot that won’t let you down. Primarily, finding the right boot is quite a hassle for most of us.

For that reason, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best Burton snowboard boots in 2018 to make your selection an easy task.

The list consolidates boots for all genders and sizes. Therefore, we have provided something for everyone. Let’s take a look at the top picks:

10. Burton Transfer Snowboard Boots Mens

Burton Transfer Snowboard Boots Mens

This shoe is appropriate for both beginners and experts. The boot stands out because of the level of comfort it offers to the person who is wearing it. One, the sole is very light; you will not feel any difference when you wear a normal shoe and this boot.

The sole is made of a DynoLITE outsole and has footprint reduction technology, which reduces the size of the footprint while you walk on the snow. For instance, if you have a size 13 boot size, it will be lesser by one inch when you walk in them. They are very durable. Additionally, this boot will not lose its shape if you want it for daily use.

If you are a traditional laces lover, be sure to go for this boot. The laces attach themselves to an imprint liner that contains power pads, which ensure that the ankle is comfortable and well protected. Also, they contain snow gussets that keep the snow from getting into the boot.

Key Features
  • Has soft flex thin profile
  • Contains a level one molded foot pad
  • This is a Lightweight snowboard boot
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9. Burton Mens Imperial ’18

9. Burton Mens Imperial '18

One main factor that makes these Burton snowboard boots to be unique is the lifetime warranty that the manufacturer provides to the buyer. The speed zone lacing system will help the user tighten the boot easily.

It has two laces, one on the top right, and the other on the top left, which will tighten the whole lace system with one pull each. The sole has a strong grip; hence, you will not slide when you walk in the snow.

Additional features on the outsole include rubber, and a vibrant eco-friendly material, which is 30% recycled.

The outer shell contains a strong internal harness system. Once you put the imprint 3 liner inner sole, it will not slide out in any way.

Key Features
  • Comes with a shrinkable footprint reduction system
  • The imprint liner comes with focus cuff
  • Features rubber ice spikes
  • Comfortable to wear
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8. Burton AMB Snowboard Boot 2016

8. Burton AMB Snowboard Boot 2016

Mountain riders always want a boot that they can find extra comfort. With this Burton snowboard boot, you first have an imprint 3 liner for maximum comfort and convenience.

The crossbone technology has carbon rods, which give the boot a lightweight feel and help you to flex back and forth the snowboard.

Also, the grip Lite backstay provides your ankle with extra grip; hence, you will not have the shoe coming off when in action.

The sole is very light. It features an EST sole, which allows the user to feel in close contact with the snowboard, and the ground.

The speed zone lacing system, which divides itself into the upper and lower system, will help the user fit into the shoe with ease. Additionally, the user can tighten them depending on his preference.

Key Features
  • Features a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with a heat reflective foil for heat efficiency
  • This is a lightweight boot
  • It’s highly durable
Burton Amb Snowboard Boots Mens Sz 9
2 Reviews
Burton Amb Snowboard Boots Mens Sz 9
  • Support - 5
  • Lacing System - Speed Zone
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Burton
  • 9 D(M) US

7. Burton Women’s Mint 2015 Snowboard Boot

7. Burton Women's Mint 2015 Snowboard Boot

One notable problem with most of the other boots is that users find it difficult to find the right fit. However, with these Burton snowboard boots, users can find their exact shoe size.

In fact, you will not experience any pain when you wear them. The boots are specifically made for women who love the sport. They are very light. Be assured that you will experience extra warmth when you wear them.

I believe that women do not love the idea of wasting time trying to get off their boot. The integrated, and speed zone lacing system ensures that she will get out of the boot within seconds.

Also, the lacing system provides you with the comfort that you need. Because of the lightweight DynoLITE sole, you will be able to feel what is underneath your feet.

Key Features
  • Perfect gift for a woman
  • It features a soft flex tongue
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
Burton Mint Snowboard Boots Womens Sz 9
7 Reviews
Burton Mint Snowboard Boots Womens Sz 9
  • Women's-Specific True Fit Design
  • Speed Zone Lacing System Powered by NEW Burton Exclusive New England Ropes with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Imprint 1 Liner with Integrated Lacing
  • Burton
  • 9

6. Burton Starstruck Boa Snowboard Boot – Women’s

6. Burton Starstruck Boa Snowboard Boot - Women's

One benefit of using the sleeping bag reflective foil is that it helps to retain the body weight of the skier. It will reflect the heat back to the foot and the body in general.

The boots are suitable for women who want to begin the skiing journey, as well as intermediate skiers. The lace system will help you get in and out of the boot within seconds. The laces use natural fiber; hence, very strong and durable.

According to the manufacturer, the boot has a true fit technology. This technology ensures comfort when you are in the shoe, regardless of the height and size of the rider.

The inner imprint 1 liner is heat moldable. The liner becomes more comfortable as you wear it for a longer time.

Key Features
  • DynoLITE outsole is comfortable and light
  • Comes with a boil coiler closure system
  • Contains natural fiber ropes
  • Best for beginner and intermediate women riders
Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot 2016 - Men's Militant 8
11 Reviews
Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot 2016 - Men's Militant 8
  • Support - 6
  • Lacing System - Speed Zone
  • Warranty - 1 Year
  • Burton
  • 8 D(M) US

5. Burton Unisex Grom Boa

5. Burton Unisex Grom Boa

Kids can also join in the fun of skiing with these Burton snowboard boots. The boot is unisex hence suitable for both boys and girls. These boots feature a user-friendly lacing system for kids.

Parents do not have to help them wear the boots because it also comes with a zipper system for extra comfort when on your snowboard.

The boot is very durable; once the kid’s feet grow bigger, simply remove the footbed for extra foot length allowance.

In addition, the footbed supplies the foot with extra comfort. The DynoLITE outsole is comfortable, lightweight, and provides shock absorption features to the kid. It also insulates the feet; hence, he or she will not feel any cold even when the boot is wet.

Key Features
  • Snow gussets prevent snow from getting into the shoe
  • Footbed provides comfort and extra foot cushioning
  • It comes with a BOA Coiler
  • The strong grip offers added comfort
Burton Invader Snowboard Boots Mens Sz 10
13 Reviews
Burton Invader Snowboard Boots Mens Sz 10
  • Support - 2
  • Lacing System - Laces
  • Warranty - 1 Year

4. Burton Coco Snowboard Boots

4. Burton Coco Snowboard Boots

With this boot, you will not feel any difference when you walk in it, and when you walk in your normal shoes. They are very light and comfortable.

The DynoLITE outsole will help you feel what is happening underneath your feet. It will also handle any weight added to it.

Most liners can be uncomfortable on the first day in them; nonetheless, with the imprint 1 heat moldable liner, you will enjoy the comfortability during the first day. Comfortability continues to increase as you continue using it.

The flex technology also helps to make turns with your heel and toe turns. The woman will feel confident regardless of the turn they take.

The true fit technology customizes the boot in regards to the woman’s foot. This is suitable for learners who want to enjoy comfort and stability during the first stages of skiing.

Key Features
  • Features a traditional lacing system
  • Extra cushion with the DynoLITE outsole
  • Perfect gift for beginner women riders
  • It comes with an imprint 1 inner liner
Burton Coco Snowboard Boots White/Gray Womens Sz 7
1 Reviews
Burton Coco Snowboard Boots White/Gray Womens Sz 7
  • Support: 2
  • Women’s-Specific True Fit™ Design
  • LACING: Traditional with NEW Speed Hooks
  • LINER: NEW Phantom 2.0 Construction
  • CUSHIONING: NEW DynoLite Outsole

3. Burton Invader Snowboard Boot

3. Burton Invader Snowboard Boot

This boot is an extra comfortable boot. The imprint level 1 inner liner comes with support panels around the ankle area, a soft top, interlock lacing system, and j-bars.

You can either heat them; alternatively, they can withdraw heat from your body once you wear them. The liner fits exactly into the outer shell, which is very durable. The shell features a soft flex moldable tongue to facilitate comfort when making turns and flexes.

The shrinkable footprint technology on the outsole leaves a one-inch less footprint. Therefore, if you wear a size eight boot, it will leave a size seven footprint.

You will find a one-inch footbed inside the shell, which features a hill cradle for added support. The outer shell comes with a traditional lacing system.

Key Features
  • The boot is highly comfortable
  • It can also be used by men
  • The boots come with internal snow-proof gussets

2. Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot Mens

2. Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot Mens

This Burton snowboard boots come with an interesting speed zone lacing system. The upper and the lower zone ensure comfort. If you want to tighten it, pull the laces upwards and then lock them.

To loosen it, you simply pull it forward. The plastic winder handles helps you tuck it into the boot safely. You will not have loose laces going out of the handles. The B3 gel under the heel will provide soft landings.

The grip Lite backstay will support the back of your feet and provide the extra support to your snowboard binding.

The toe box and the lacing system are far from each other to reduce a pressure point for the boot. The imprint 2 liner does not have a lace system on them. Therefore, the outer lacing system will adjust the liner’s comfort automatically.

Key Features
  • Durable construction
  • Sleeping bag technology for heat reflection
  • Outsole has a strong sole
  • Suitable for men as well
Burton Starstruck Boa Snowboard Boot 2016 - Womens Gray/Spearmint 7
4 Reviews
Burton Starstruck Boa Snowboard Boot 2016 - Womens Gray/Spearmint 7
  • Support - 3
  • Lacing System - Boa
  • Warranty - 1 Year

1. Burton Moto Snowboard Boot

1. Burton Moto Snowboard Boot

The speed-zone lace system helps you to lace depending on your preference. The upper and lower zone will provide the needed comfort on the various parts of your feet. In addition, the boot is very light; hence, will not be a burden when you ski with them.

The footprint reduction technology is a nice feature that reduces the size of your footprint as you walk on snow.

Inside the boot, the imprint 1 liner is very comfortable; it also comes with an integrated lace system. You will also experience some warmth once you wear the boots. This is due to the sleeping bag technology that the boots have.

Key Features
  • It comes with a DynoLITE outsole
  • Features a Sleepbag technology for extra comfort
  • Lace system helps you get in and out of the boot with ease
  • Suitable for beginners
Burton Moto Snowboard Boot 2016 - Men's Black 10
16 Reviews
Burton Moto Snowboard Boot 2016 - Men's Black 10
  • Support - 3
  • Lacing System - Speed Zone
  • Warranty - 1 Year

Factors to Consider before you make a purchase:

Once you go out shopping, there are things that you should consider when buying these boots:

Fit: Most people return their first pair of boots because they could not find the right fit for their legs. Therefore, before you make any purchase, be sure to consider the right fit for your shoe. Some boots, however, will begin to feel comfortable once you wear them for a longer time.

Flex:  Most riders, especially expert riders, would love a boot that allows them to do extra flex while in them. Thus, choose a boot that has a soft flex, which will provide the extra comfort even when you make a landing.

Lacing System: Laces determine comfort. There are two common types of lacing systems: traditional and the speed-zone lace system. A good lace system will also help the user come in and out of the boot without any struggles.

Insulation: When you are at the mountaintop, the cold up there can be uncomfortable once it gets to your feet. One feature that makes the boots warm is having a sleeping bag technology inside it. The technology insulates the boot and recycles the heat from your feet to distribute it to the whole body.


The list above consists of durable, comfortable, easy to wear and to maintain boots. When picking a good Burton snowboard boot, always determine whom the boot is for: for instance, the boot can either be suitable for a man, woman, or even kid.

Also, different genders have different feet designs. All these Burton products provide the user with an awesome experience when skiing.

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